You can now donate to support our Connect athletes from the UK

It just became a whole lot easier for you to support the future of South African sport and society from overseas.

Great news if you’re a friend of Connect living in Great Britain – you can donate to help our youngsters without the bank charges!

We’ve partnered with the Atlas Foundation, an initiative which supports charities who use rugby to help disadvantaged people change their lives around the world.

You can donate to Connect Sports Academy through this secure page on the MyDonate website, including Gift Aid.

The link can also be shared with anyone in the United Kingdom who would like to contribute any amount to helping our young people.

Connect relies on donations and sponsorship

We’d love your support whether you’re an individual, business or school in the UK.

Rugby development is a tricky environment in which to work.

We’re committed to providing our athletes with the most consistent access to quality resources and opportunities that we can.

It’s our belief that our young people’s experience shouldn’t be defined by the poverty of their backgrounds, but by their potential and the possibility of what they can achieve.

That applies on the rugby field, in the classroom and on into the professional world as they become young adults.

Anything you can contribute towards that goes a long way as we continue our journey towards sporting and social transformation in South Africa.

Every athlete has a story

Want to make a personal connection with our children that goes beyond a cash donation?

That would be great, too. We have an athlete sponsorship scheme where you can support one or more individual athletes in our programme.

We can also keep you posted on their progress, as well as through our social media channels.

We’d love for you to sponsor one of our high performance athletes, or make a direct donation to support the work that we do.

You can also sign up to our mailing list, follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and get in touch!

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