The importance of nutrition and diet for our playing squad


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Nutrition plays a critical role in our programme and we ensure that all our players are fed after every game and training session. Beyond this, players are provided with sustenance whenever they need it, including before school, at our clubhouse in Makhaza, Khayelitsha.

We’re pragmatic about our role here. This is not the environment in which to experiment with Banting or HCLF diets – quite simply it’s a good deal better for the young people in our care to eat something rather than, potentially, nothing.

With growing bodies in mind, our focus falls largely on protein (plenty of eggs, tuna etc) as well as low glycemic index carbohydrates in the form of oats, pasta, rice and corn.

At Connect we have even recruited our own Mama. Theodora has taken on the task of cooking dishes ranging from the traditionally Xhosa samp and beans, to the less ancestral (but very nearly as popular) spaghetti bolognaise.


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