Change an aspiring rugby player’s life

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Here’s your chance to directly impact on the life of a young rugby star in our high performance academy system.

Your commitment for a year will cover the essential costs involved in a player’s development with us including nutrition, transport and kit.

Children and their families from more privileged backgrounds can afford to take these three things, and more, for granted.

For the youngsters in Connect, however, your extra support is absolutely vital to their life chances on and off the rugby field.


What we offer in return

In return, your name or company logo will feature on your player/s profile on the Connect website. 

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You will receive a public message of thanks on our Facebook and Twitter platforms to kick-off your sponsorship, as well as updates about your athlete’s progress when appropriate.


To make a difference to a Connect athlete’s life, or to find out more, please contact Antoinette Muller.

  • Player Sponsorship: R15,000 p/a.

* Sponsorship packages are available at any point throughout the year and are valid for 12 months from the date of payment. Connect is a registered non-profit company, with a Section 18(A) certificate pending.

Connect Sports Academy is committed to supporting our athletes based on merit – and those who have earned it. We prioritise the athletes we feel have the greatest potential to become professional sportsmen and women.

All costs listed are estimates, in line with Connect’s experience in supporting young athletes from disadvantaged backgrounds. Any outstanding sponsorship funds at the end of the 12-month period will be used to support the athlete in other essential ways, or used to fund other elite athletes and support the continued existence of Connect Sports Academy as a non-profit organisation.

Given the environment in which we work, there may be occasions where athlete sponsorship is suspended or transferred. In cases such as these, the academy will communicate this with the athlete sponsor to explain any decision.

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