Lutho Mpande


“Connect do a lot of things for me; like supporting me at school, giving us food, they give us tutors to learn more and they give us rugby.

They gave me the chance to go to IPTs [South African national touch rugby championships] and that was the first time I’d been to Johannesburg.

I want Connect to take me to be a professional rugby player. Send me to university and finish my school so I can work to support my family.

Without Connect, I would maybe be a gangster or something. Because Connect keeps me away from these things, like gangsters or smoking, drinking or working at night. It keeps me away from all those things, the wrong things. I see a different future for me because of Connect.

I would tell people my age to play sport or do something right! Stop drinking and stop smoking because it’s not right. Your future will be a mess. You must have respect, discipline… and win!”

Speedster Lutho is a utility back with pace to burn. On top of this, he’s been provincially-capped at touch rugby in 2016 and 2017. 

Lutho is supported as part of our athlete sponsorship scheme by The South African.

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